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Ask Hendersonville North Carolina

Ask Hendersonville North Carolina

Welcome to AskHendersonville, featuring Local Community, Travel, & Tourism in Hendersonville North Carolina USA and Henderson County NC. Some of us live here and have had the chance to grow up in such a wonderful place. Or maybe you found out about us, visited here, and then decided to move to our town. Either way, welcome to Hendersonville and welcome to our website!

On the AskHendersonville website you will have the opportunity to send us your events, share you photography, and even post your own blog articles. We will then take the info you provide and send it out many folks in the area, as well as other cities connected with ours.

Hendersonville North Carolina is only 22 miles south of Asheville NC, 31 minutes to Brevard NC, and only 41 miles north of Greenville South Carolina; making our City a hub of Western NC and Upstate SC. As places like Asheville get overcrowded, folks are starting to relocate to outskirt towns; Hendersonville NC being one of the key places. With a population of about 14,000 people, the area is surely poised for major growth in the next few years.

Henderson County has so many great little towns, each featuring a unique experience worth having. So when you visit, add some variety to your trip by exploring outside of downtown Hendersonville and visiting towns such as Flat Rock, Laurel Park, Mills River, Fletcher and many more locations. There are currently about 110,000 people in the County, and more moving to the area daily.

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