WIN the Ultimate Vacation Getaway Giveaway in Hendersonville NC

We are so excited to announce our new Ultimate Vacation Giveaway Getaway in Hendersonville North Carolina. This will be a huge prize that any one of you could win. We are talking about lodging, eateries, and things to do all included in this “Winner Takes All” giveaway. Eleven local businesses in Henderson County NC are a part of this Grand Prize!

To Enter, all you need to do is first make sure you have liked the Ask Hendersonville Facebook Page to qualify; then Like, Comment & Share this post on Facebook for up to 3 chances to win. So if you “Like” this post on Facebook, you get one chance. If you “Comment” on this post on Facebook, you get another chance. And if you “Share” this post on Facebook, you will get another.

Hendersonville NC Vacation Getaway Giveaway 2017

And whether you win or not, this list features some great spots that you definitely want to check out if you are in Hendersonville North Carolina and the Western NC mountains!

Mill House Lodge Flat Rock NC

Two Nights Lodging at Mill House Lodge in Flat Rock North Carolina!

Sweet Gypsy Coffee Hendersonville NC

Coffee & Pastries for 2 from Sweet Gypsy Coffee several times during your 2-Day Stay.

Mountain Deli Hendersonville NC

Breakfast or Lunch for 2 at Mountain Deli on Main Street in Downtown Hendersonville!

Dandelion Eatery Hendersonville NC

Lunch for 2 at Dandelion Eatery on 5th Avenue in Downtown Hendersonville NC!

HenDough Chicken & Donuts in Hendersonville NC

Lunch and Donuts for 2 at HenDough on Kanuga Road in Hendersonville North Carolina!

Flat Rock Wood Room in Hendersonville NC

Dinner for 2 at Flat Rock Wood Room on Greenville Highway in Hendersonville NC!

Sanctuary Brewing Hendersonville NC

Gift Certificate for 2 to enjoy some time at Sanctuary Brewing on 1st Avenue in Downtown Hendersonville!

Bold Rock Hard Cider in Mills River NC

A Gift Bag from Bold Rock Hard Cider in Mills River North Carolina!

Saint Paul Mountain Vineyard

A Wine Tasting for 2 at Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards on Chestnut Gap Road in Hendersonville NC.

Elijah Mountain Gem Mine Hendersonville NC

Gem Mining for 2 at Elijah Mountain Gem Mine on Brevard Road in Hendersonville NC!

Flat Rock Playhouse

Two Theatre Tickets to the Flat Rock Playhouse in Flat Rock North Carolina!

Downtown Hendersonville NC Gets A Gem Mine

Pisgah Forest Gem Mine Hendersonville NC

Exciting things are happening all around Hendersonville North Carolina, and becoming a kid-friendly place is a top priority. When you look at other places around Western NC, including Asheville, there is not much to do for kids. But take a simple walk down Main Street in Downtown Hendersonville and watch their little eyes light up!

You have Hands On which is a fun experience where you can take the kids for exhibits, classes, and events. Then you have the Mineral & Lapidary Museum where you can get a sort of science tour of raw minerals from the earth, polished gemstones, and other finished products. Then last but not least, you have the ECCO Aquarium where you can see about 24 exhibits and tanks featuring turtles, sharks, lizards and more. And let’s not forget the Dancing Bear, which is one of the best toy stores we have ever been in. But beware, kids are known to get stuck in there.

Hendersonville NC Gem Mine

Now the Pisgah Forest Gem Mine is opening up on Main Street, and this kind of makes it all come full circle. The place is currently under construction so don’t go just yet. Stay tuned for more information. Many fun hours of kids entertainment can now be experienced in Downtown Hendersonville North Carolina!

Flat Rock Village Bakery in Henderson County NC

Flat Rock Village Bakery in Henderson County NC

We have been going to Flat Rock Village Bakery in Henderson County North Carolina for years. Just one stop on the corner where they are located and you can smell the deliciousness all over the streets. Not only do they have lots of pastries and baked goods, but they also have sandwiches, salads, coffee, and even pizza! In the photo above, we actually bumped into them in Biltmore Park Town Square at the Farmer’s Market. They started in 2001 and 15 years later they are going and growing stronger than ever. Do not miss stopping by this spot if you are in or visiting the Hendersonville NC or Henderson County area of WNC.

Riding Out Hurricane Matthew, Wishing I Was In Hendersonville NC

Decorated Shutters for Hurricane Matthew

Photo: Decorated Shutters for Hurricane Matthew







While we were in Hendersonville NC last, I bought my husband a t-shirt at Sherman’s that said, “The mountains are calling and I must go.” And that’s exactly what my instincts told me to do as it become obvious that Matthew was coming to visit the Treasure Coast as a category 4 storm. I thought if we could just get on the turnpike and seek refuge in the Round House nestled in the safety of the mountains, everything will be alright.

But the traffic reports I retweeted showed the turnpike backed up and not wanting to get stuck on the road during this hurricane, it was with a heavy heart we made the difficult choice to ride out the storm with the family at home.

Hurricane Matthew Storm Shutters

Photo: Hurricane Matthew Storm Shutters



Hurricanes and I have history. Eleven years ago we stayed for Francis and the flat deck part of the roof was ripped off right above my bedridden blind father’s head. We were lucky enough to have the roof repaired just in time for Jeanne to hit a mere three weeks later. Following my assistant principal, we evacuated to Tampa.

What Francis left, Jeanne took.

After the storm we left my dad in Tampa with my sister and all our fur babies and came back to survey the damage. They ended up staying in Tampa for two more weeks.

Driving up our street, the facade of the house looked fine but the ceiling fan from the family room was in the oak tree. That told us that nothing was alright.

It was two years before we could move back into that house.

Friends were texting us, telling us to get out of Matthew’s path, not realizing the point of  return had come and gone.

Shutters were up, supplies in containers in the kitchen. Vessels to catch rain were out and a Visqueen roll was handy to cover blown out. We even had a plan for when (not if) the roof started to go. Matthew was a category 4 and Jeanne was a 3…so we were ready for the worst but hoped for the best.

Matthew was to come closest to the Treasure Coast at about 2 a.m. We all took our battle stations while keeping one eye on the local news station until the inevitable power failure took our connection to the outside world away.

No Views During Hurricane Matthew Lockdown

Photo: No Views During Hurricane Matthew Lockdown


The worst part of a hurricane are the noises. Listening to the unrelenting wind is maddening because you can’t see outside. Debris is hitting the shutters but you don’t know what it is and the garage door is breathing with Matthew…it makes you scared in a way you can’t describe.

At the height of the storm I put ear plugs in my ears, I just couldn’t listen to the gusts of wind pushing at the huge Live Oak in my front yard. My mind was running wild with all the what ifs. What if the canal overflows and sneaks into our house? What if a tree falls on the house? What if we lose everything again?

“If only we can make until morning we will be ok.”

Looking back, I have no idea how we never lost power or cable. And when we finally opened the front door around seven in the morning…we were shocked at what we saw. The world as we knew was all still where we left it.

The yard had debris but nothing major. Walking around the perimeter of the house we saw no shingles on the lawn but we did notice my angel statue face down under the gardenia. I bought that statue after my mom passed away. My husband I and looked at each other, how could we have forgotten that outside? Why wasn’t she blown away?

We were extremely lucky, had the storm jogged ever so slightly to the west, the eye of Matthew would’ve come on shore and taken our little seaside fishing village out to sea.

Anyway, tomorrow is my birthday and I already received my gift.

By the way, the next time Hendersonville calls…I will answer!

Gotta go help take the shutters down.

Grateful Karin – adventurer and story teller!!

Follow me on Twitter @karin13773564

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We look forward to hearing from you!

HVL Donuts Gets Ready To Open In Downtown Hendersonville NC

HVL Donuts Downtown Hendersonville NC

HVL Donuts, a satellite store for HenDough, is getting ready to open in Downtown Hendersonville North Carolina. The existing space that HenDough Chicken & Donuts occupies is a little off the beaten path (but worth the trip), but now they have a spot at the beginning of all the Main Street foot traffic. And the building, it is a little cute “hole in the wall” location for a small business or smaller items, such as donuts. While McFarlan’s bakery has the good old fashioned donuts that we have always loved, HVL Donuts is bringing a more artisan craft donut to the Downtown Hendersonville scene.

New Cooking Classes in Hendersonville NC at Mi Amore Cafe

Hendersonville NC Cooking Class at Mi Amore Cafe

Chef Anthony, or “The Saucy Italian” as many call him, creates some deliciously authentic Italian food at Mi Amore Cafe in Hendersonville North Carolina. Many folks have asked and begged for his family recipes, and he has now decided to start a cooking class at the restaurant. Not only will you learn lots about Italian food and wine, but you will also meet a bunch of great folks in the community. Think of this as a cooking social, where friends meet and eat!

A Family Tradition – Grandad’s Apple Farm in Hendersonville NC

Grandad's Apple Farm and Pumpkins in Hendersonville NC

Today was the time when our family heads out to Grandad’s Apple Farm in Hendersonville North Carolina. Over the past few years, this has become a family tradition for us. This year there was only a handful of us, as some had prior commitments, and others had to work. But we have learned that as a family, we must make great memories while we still can, so heading out to this farm is more than just about apples.

Apple Picking at Grandad's Apple Farm in Hendersonville NC

We walked, talked, enjoyed the sun, escaped to the shade for a few, hung out by the lake, played by the cornfield, had some fun in the playground area, met some other nice folks, and took home two bags of apples to make all sorts of delicious desserts.

Grandad's Apple Farm Hendersonville North Carolina

I just love looking out across this huge cornfield, taking a deep breath, and gazing upon the mountains that rise into the sky.

Golden Delicious Apples in Hendersonville NC

There we plenty of choices when it came to apples, although certain ones like Pink Lady and Candy Crisp were not ready yet. You can see our photo about those on the AskHendersonville Facebook Page. The apples pictured above were called Golden Delicious, and once you bite into them, you will know how they got the name.

Statues at Grandad's Apple Farm in Hendersonville NC

And although we took photos and made memories all over the farm, there we also several statues that you could take a photo with. Grandma and her butler are located right at the barn entrance, and the gorilla and bear are in the kids playground area. Oh, and the barn has just about everything you can imagine making with apples. From ice cream, to bread, to pastries, and even some bottled hard cider to take the edge off.

So if you are looking for a great spot to take the family, or spend time with friends; this is a must-have experience if you are in the Hendersonville and Western North Carolina area.

Also… see the Tractor Ride Video on Facebook!