DB Brewer & Wine Supply Opens In Downtown Hendersonville NC

DB Brewer & Wine Supply - Hendersonville NC

The new DB Brewer and Wine Supply gets ready to open in Downtown Hendersonville North Carolina. So for all of home brewers and wine makers, this will be the spot to get many of your supplies. Glad to see more businesses getting established around town. Stop by and say hello to the team over there, and support local!

First Time On Main Street, Hendersonville NC, With My Sister

Carolyn Nguyen in Hendersonville NC

The whole Ask Team has been spending  so much time in Hendersonville NC that it’s become our second home. I knew when our schedules aligned I definitely wanted to take my sister on a day trip to Hendersonville and show her what it’s all about.

Couch at Ugly Mug in Hendersonville NC Ugly Mug Hendersonville NC

Our first stop was The Ugly Mug Coffee and Tea, a gem just minutes away from Main Street Hendersonville. I actually stumbled upon this place last week and was drawn to the cozy atmosphere and the warm homemade pastries. I was really excited to show my sister this place because we love exploring coffee shops and start our day with an Americano or Latte 99% of the time.

I Love You More Than Coffee

I’ve tried a few speciality lattes from their chalkboard menu and I’ve got to say my favorite was the Zebra Latte. Let me let you in on something, I used to work at Cinnabon and I’ve never tried a cinnamon bun I’ve enjoyed more than when I gained 10 pounds working there until now.

Cinnamon Bun Ugly Mug Hendersonville NC

This is an apple strudel and it was delicious and the only thing missing was a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

Main Street Hendersonville NC

Our next stop was Church Street to visit Sweet Gypsy Coffee. We didn’t need another espresso but I did need another mug. I had bought my sister a mug from here and of course she broke it so she owed me another one. You’ll find out we do have an affinity for mugs.

Then off to Main Street we walked. If you ever get a chance to stroll down Main Street in Downtown Hendersonville you’ll find it has a southern charm that makes it unforgettable. I was describing Main Street to her as place that runs on a slower pace, everybody knows everybody, and the locals are so kind and welcoming. We were exploring in the late afternoon and several shops along Main Street do close before 4 so I would definitely keep that in mind if you want to do some serious shopping.

Four Seasons Hendersonville NC

We visited this adorable boutique store called Four Seasons, that offers decorations and ornaments year round that will stir up the  Martha Stewart inside of you.

Turtle Mirror Hendersonville NC

We ended up buying this eclectic turtle mirror that I plan to DIY and spray paint white to fit in with my room decor.

No visit to Main Street would be complete without a visit to McFarlan’s Bakery. Just the aroma of confections and frosting makes your mouth water. With rows and rows of cookies and cakes it’s hard to choose just one but we did end getting a rose cookie for our mom. Our Sweet tooth runs in the family, we have a problem we know.

Mc Farlan's Bakery Case Hendersonville NC Rose Cookie Mc Farlan's Bakery Hendersonville

Our last stop before dinner was the Mast General Store, which we found out when we walked in is actually two stories, it was like tourist gift shop heaven. It’s about to get cheesy but you must know my sister is my best friend and the most important person in my life so of course, we bought matching speckled periwinkle mugs that say “A sister is worth a thousand friends.”

Coffee Mugs at Mast General Store Hendersonville NC

For dinner we chose a colorful restaurant that would also fit in so well in downtown Asheville called Never Blue. I’ve been here for lunch before and the Fish and Chips was one of the best I’ve ever tried.

Fish N Chips Never Blue Hendersonville NC

Never Blue has a very unique and enjoyable atmosphere, along with a  great selection of American classics and fusion dishes that made it the perfect choice for dinner.

One of my favorite parts of dinner was the tablecloth made of paper and my selection of crayons to go to town with. We decided to go the tapas route so we could try different dishes.

Tablecloth at Never Blue Hendersonville NC Korean BBQ Pork Sliders at Never Blue Hendersonville NC

I decided to go with the Never Blue Banh Mi, which was a twist on a traditional Vietnamese sandwich with Korean BBQ pork sliders and a sriracha ginger cream. The pickled carrots and cucumbers added a nice bite to the savory flavors of the sliders.

Wings at Never Blue Hendersonville NC Mussels at Never Blue Hendersonville NC

Carolyn went for the wings and the mussels with a house made green curry, coconut milk, and a toasted baguette. When I think of mussels I think of them in a traditional buttery, oil and wine sauce but these were probably my favorite way they have ever been prepared. It was a very fresh mix of flavors with the cilantro and the rich curry sauce.

My sister and I always get dessert when we go out to eat because it just doesn’t feel right until we satiate our palate with something sweet. We chose the Chocolate Sin Cake, which was a flourless chocolate cake with fresh berries and a scoop of dark chocolate ice cream and a raspberry sorbet. I usually don’t like my chocolate and fruit to mix  but this turned out surprisingly well.

Chocolate Sin Cake Hendersonville NC at Never Blue AskHendo Chocolate Sin Cake

As we made our way back to the car, we were already contemplating the next places we wanted to stop by on our next visit. The more time I spend here, the more I am able to appreciate everything Hendersonville has to offer and I can’t wait for our next adventure!


Hendersonville NC Shopping & Furniture at The Marketplace on Locust

Hendersonville North Carolina has plenty of places to spend the day or weekend shopping around town. The Marketplace on Locust is a premier shop that features several designers as well as dozens of other artists & makers that feature their work here. With four beautiful rooms to see, plan on spending at least an hour or two while you are here.

A Wonderful Weekend in Hendersonville NC – 11 Stops & 39 Photos

We wanted to take a weekend all to ourselves and enjoy lots of what Hendersonville North Carolina has to offer.

Social Hour - Inn on Church Hendersonville NC

So we booked a room at the Inn on Church Street in Downtown Hendersonville NC. I promise you that we did not plan it this way, but we ended up walking in on their “Social Hour” which led to several tasty libations. Then we headed up to the room to get cleaned up and to rest for a few.

Basic Brewery in Hendersonville NC

Then we headed right up the street to Basic Brewery, the first stop on our trip. They opened recently and they are not brewing their own beer yet, but the place is filled with so many great craft beer taps from all across Western North Carolina. We walked in on an Art + Beer event and got to see so many folks having a wonderful time painting.

Renzo's Ristorante Hendersonville NC

Next we headed to Renzo’s Ristorante and we are so glad we did. We have been to Italian restaurants all over WNC including Asheville and this place is second to none. We had the Shrimp Scampi because that is what J.Lo ate when she was here recently, a couple of amazing cocktails made to perfection, and delicious dessert. Wow, thank you!

Sanctuary Brewing Hendersonville NC

Then it was off to the next brewery, a place called Sanctuary. We stopped by here awhile back during the day to talk to one of the owners, but this time were were here to experience the great brews and atmosphere.

Breakfast at the Inn on Church Hendersonville NC

We then headed back to the Inn on Church to get to bed. And we woke up to this delicious breakfast made by their Chef and served in the dining room on the main level. Eggs Benedict and French Toast!

Fairy & Earth Festival Flat Rock NC

We headed out for day two in Hendersonville North Carolina. The first stop was the Fairy & Earth Festival that was happening in Flat Rock NC, just a hop, skip and a jump (a short car ride) from Downtown.

Love You More Hendersonville NC

The ladies wanted to then stop by the Marketplace on Locust to take a look at the furniture and home decor items. Me, I love walking around this store and reading the little signs like the one pictured above!

Lunch at Mountain Deli Hendersonville NC

We couldn’t resist stopping by Mountain Deli for lunch. The top photo is of an Italian on a Kaiser Roll. The bottom is an old fashioned Ham, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo, Salt, Pepper, Oil & Vinegar. They don’t just make sandwiches here, they build them; and to perfection to say the least.

Live Happy in Hendersonville NC

Walking around Downtown Hendersonville, there are signs here and there that remind us how to live. Happy is a great place to start!

Sweet Gypsy Coffee Hendersonville NC

We stopped by Sweet Gypsy Coffee on Church Street for a Vanilla Latte. Love this little spot off the beaten path.

Poe House Hendersonville NC

We headed back to the hotel to take a break and got to meet some wonderful folks visiting from out of town. We stayed for social hour and then headed out to the Poe House for some live music and beer. They also have many great wines that you can enjoy.

West First Wood Fired Pizza Hendersonville NC

After that we were hungry, so we headed next door to West First Wood Fired Pizza in Downtown Hendersonville. Mussels, Pizza, Sea Bass, and Craft Beer!

Black Rose Pub Hendersonville NC

The night was still young, so we stopped by the Black Rose Pub to have a couple of brews with friends. This place has been a staple of downtown Hendersonville throughout the years. Oh, and the cups in this photo feature brews that match the logo. Oskar Blues from Brevard NC on the left, and Wicked Weed from Asheville NC on the right.

Breakfast at the Inn on Church Hendersonville NC

After that it was nighty-nite. Then it happened all over again. We woke up to such an amazing breakfast at the Inn on Church! I will never be the same after all of this deliciousness.

Mi Amore Cafe Hendersonville NC

Sunday was kind of quiet in town, so we walked around for a few, got some ice cream, then decided to pass by Mi Amore Cafe to see if they had any fresh pastries made. But they were closed on Sunday, so we will catch them on our next blog tour around Hendersonville NC.

Handmade Homemade Hendersonville NC

What a wonderful time all around, here in Hendersonville North Carolina! A community built around handmade, homemade, and folks who sincerely care about one another.

Have you toured or visited Hendersonville NC lately? Tell us about your experience!