WIN the Ultimate Vacation Getaway Giveaway in Hendersonville NC

We are so excited to announce our new Ultimate Vacation Giveaway Getaway in Hendersonville North Carolina. This will be a huge prize that any one of you could win. We are talking about lodging, eateries, and things to do all included in this “Winner Takes All” giveaway. Eleven local businesses in Henderson County NC are a part of this Grand Prize!

To Enter, all you need to do is first make sure you have liked the Ask Hendersonville Facebook Page to qualify; then Like, Comment & Share this post on Facebook for up to 3 chances to win. So if you “Like” this post on Facebook, you get one chance. If you “Comment” on this post on Facebook, you get another chance. And if you “Share” this post on Facebook, you will get another.

Hendersonville NC Vacation Getaway Giveaway 2017

And whether you win or not, this list features some great spots that you definitely want to check out if you are in Hendersonville North Carolina and the Western NC mountains!

Mill House Lodge Flat Rock NC

Two Nights Lodging at Mill House Lodge in Flat Rock North Carolina!

Sweet Gypsy Coffee Hendersonville NC

Coffee & Pastries for 2 from Sweet Gypsy Coffee several times during your 2-Day Stay.

Mountain Deli Hendersonville NC

Breakfast or Lunch for 2 at Mountain Deli on Main Street in Downtown Hendersonville!

Dandelion Eatery Hendersonville NC

Lunch for 2 at Dandelion Eatery on 5th Avenue in Downtown Hendersonville NC!

HenDough Chicken & Donuts in Hendersonville NC

Lunch and Donuts for 2 at HenDough on Kanuga Road in Hendersonville North Carolina!

Flat Rock Wood Room in Hendersonville NC

Dinner for 2 at Flat Rock Wood Room on Greenville Highway in Hendersonville NC!

Sanctuary Brewing Hendersonville NC

Gift Certificate for 2 to enjoy some time at Sanctuary Brewing on 1st Avenue in Downtown Hendersonville!

Bold Rock Hard Cider in Mills River NC

A Gift Bag from Bold Rock Hard Cider in Mills River North Carolina!

Saint Paul Mountain Vineyard

A Wine Tasting for 2 at Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards on Chestnut Gap Road in Hendersonville NC.

Elijah Mountain Gem Mine Hendersonville NC

Gem Mining for 2 at Elijah Mountain Gem Mine on Brevard Road in Hendersonville NC!

Flat Rock Playhouse

Two Theatre Tickets to the Flat Rock Playhouse in Flat Rock North Carolina!

Riding Out Hurricane Matthew, Wishing I Was In Hendersonville NC

Decorated Shutters for Hurricane Matthew

Photo: Decorated Shutters for Hurricane Matthew







While we were in Hendersonville NC last, I bought my husband a t-shirt at Sherman’s that said, “The mountains are calling and I must go.” And that’s exactly what my instincts told me to do as it become obvious that Matthew was coming to visit the Treasure Coast as a category 4 storm. I thought if we could just get on the turnpike and seek refuge in the Round House nestled in the safety of the mountains, everything will be alright.

But the traffic reports I retweeted showed the turnpike backed up and not wanting to get stuck on the road during this hurricane, it was with a heavy heart we made the difficult choice to ride out the storm with the family at home.

Hurricane Matthew Storm Shutters

Photo: Hurricane Matthew Storm Shutters



Hurricanes and I have history. Eleven years ago we stayed for Francis and the flat deck part of the roof was ripped off right above my bedridden blind father’s head. We were lucky enough to have the roof repaired just in time for Jeanne to hit a mere three weeks later. Following my assistant principal, we evacuated to Tampa.

What Francis left, Jeanne took.

After the storm we left my dad in Tampa with my sister and all our fur babies and came back to survey the damage. They ended up staying in Tampa for two more weeks.

Driving up our street, the facade of the house looked fine but the ceiling fan from the family room was in the oak tree. That told us that nothing was alright.

It was two years before we could move back into that house.

Friends were texting us, telling us to get out of Matthew’s path, not realizing the point of  return had come and gone.

Shutters were up, supplies in containers in the kitchen. Vessels to catch rain were out and a Visqueen roll was handy to cover blown out. We even had a plan for when (not if) the roof started to go. Matthew was a category 4 and Jeanne was a 3…so we were ready for the worst but hoped for the best.

Matthew was to come closest to the Treasure Coast at about 2 a.m. We all took our battle stations while keeping one eye on the local news station until the inevitable power failure took our connection to the outside world away.

No Views During Hurricane Matthew Lockdown

Photo: No Views During Hurricane Matthew Lockdown


The worst part of a hurricane are the noises. Listening to the unrelenting wind is maddening because you can’t see outside. Debris is hitting the shutters but you don’t know what it is and the garage door is breathing with Matthew…it makes you scared in a way you can’t describe.

At the height of the storm I put ear plugs in my ears, I just couldn’t listen to the gusts of wind pushing at the huge Live Oak in my front yard. My mind was running wild with all the what ifs. What if the canal overflows and sneaks into our house? What if a tree falls on the house? What if we lose everything again?

“If only we can make until morning we will be ok.”

Looking back, I have no idea how we never lost power or cable. And when we finally opened the front door around seven in the morning…we were shocked at what we saw. The world as we knew was all still where we left it.

The yard had debris but nothing major. Walking around the perimeter of the house we saw no shingles on the lawn but we did notice my angel statue face down under the gardenia. I bought that statue after my mom passed away. My husband I and looked at each other, how could we have forgotten that outside? Why wasn’t she blown away?

We were extremely lucky, had the storm jogged ever so slightly to the west, the eye of Matthew would’ve come on shore and taken our little seaside fishing village out to sea.

Anyway, tomorrow is my birthday and I already received my gift.

By the way, the next time Hendersonville calls…I will answer!

Gotta go help take the shutters down.

Grateful Karin – adventurer and story teller!!

Follow me on Twitter @karin13773564

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Ask Hendersonville NC News, Events & Business

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We look forward to hearing from you!

Race to the Taps: Southern Appalachian

Race To The Taps Hendersonville NC

The popular local racing series, Race to the Taps, came to downtown Hendersonville’s Southern Appalachian Brewery. June 11 th marked the second race of the beer and run loving series. Produced by Mix 96.5 and Kick It Event Management, Race to the Taps is a four race series that cumulatively equals a marathon (26.2 miles). One of the event’s mottos this year is “Who says a marathon has to be run in one day?” The second installment was a 6.2 mile/10k run at 11 am on a particularly warm day. Runners at the starting line were already looking forward to the beer reward for finishing the race.

At the starting line, you see loved ones giving kisses and embraces to wish their runner good luck. You can see smiles being exchanged among other runners. Participants were taking last minute stretches, mp3 checks, tying their laces just right, readjusting racing bibs or making light conversation with their neighbor. Some last minute racers scrambled to the starting line while other runners became stoic to prepare themselves mentally for the run. The running community brings a feeling of togetherness, but also an individual sense of accomplishment.

The course was not particularly “elevationally” challenging, but Mother Nature threw in quite the variable with temperatures in the upper 80s. Every race has its individual demand; whether it is the course, the outdoor elements, distance or just your particular mindset that day. Hands down, this race’s challenge was the heat. When running races, it is just as much about your mental game as it is your physical fitness. Running can quickly humble you, but the psyche must be reinforced with positive self-talk and curbing negative thoughts.

The route weaved through neighborhoods, William H. King Memorial Park and Oklawaha Greenway. I didn’t even know these places existed and I live in Hendersonville! One of the beautiful things about running is that you get to experience your environment in a different way. Racing delivers a bird’s eye view of your surroundings and you may even experience a feeling of connectedness to your community.

Seeing and hearing the spectators as you near the finish line can bring a third, fourth or even a fifth wind! Knowing the end is near and that a delicious, ice cold Southern Appalachian beer will soon be in your grips, is just enough encouragement to add a little extra gas to your tank. People and children are smiling and cheering; it warms the heart and brings joy and gratitude. You completed 6.2 miles for yourself today and it feels so good.

After the cool down and recovery, the postrace celebration was in full effect. Smiles and nods of mutual respect were exchanged among runners. Racers were holding a pint of their favorite cold brew while enjoying the openness of the tasting room. I chose the always fantastic Belgian Blonde Ale and sipped it victoriously in front of a fan.

Once I felt fully recovered, I was able to once again step out into the sunshine to peruse the vendor and sponsor tents. Paramount Kia, Gold’s Gym, Fleet Feet Sports, Whole Foods, Blue Ridge Orthodontics, Mills River Partnership and many others were out in full force volunteering and representing their organizations. Live music, freebies and information were aplenty. It was pleasurable to take a step back and appreciate that a community can come together in support of one another. Not just the runners, but sponsors working together to support a great event and one another. And this is what being in a community is all about; fellowship, building and fostering relationships, support and providing opportunities for all to make progress and win.

For more information about the running series:

Written by Tamara Bernazky-Alm. Find and follow me on Twitter @rabbitlb09

Nightlife in Hendersonville NC

Hendersonville NC Nightlife

If you’re looking to experience the nightlife of Hendersonville, North Carolina one weekend, AskHendersonville has some suggestions for you! There are a lot of great restaurants and bars to visit all day long, but we want to highlight a few of the awesome evening spots. Hendersonville has places to visit for beer lovers, wine lovers, music lovers, and food lovers! We’ll start with where to go in the early evening and work our way to late night.

Hendersonville, NC has two wonderful vineyards that you can tour and enjoy a glass of wine or sample multiple types: Burnshirt Vineyards and Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards. You can experience a vineyard tour, stroll the property, and end with a wine tasting at each. Chat with knowledgeable staff and learn about North Carolina wine. Sometimes both vineyards have live music that you can listen to while you sip their signature wine. Both vineyards feature a tasting room with indoor and outdoor seating for all weather. Both vineyards tend to be open until 6 or 7 pm in the evenings.

If beer is more to your liking, we are really fortunate to have Sierra Nevada Brewery just outside of Hendersonville in Mills River, NC. You can take a variety of tours at the brewery, and then drink and eat at their stunning brewery. Their food is fantastic and they have tons of beer on tap. The property has plenty of outdoor seating, walking trails, gardens, games, outdoor fire pits, and even an amphitheater for live music. Snag some Sierra Nevada gear on your way out at the gift shop! Sierra Nevada is typically open until 9 or 10 pm.

You can also enjoy local craft beer closer to downtown Hendersonville. There are several local breweries nearby – Basic BrewerySouthern Appalachian Brewery, and Sanctuary Brewing Company. These breweries have a wide selection of their own beer and guest taps and even hard cider. They each have live music often and a great atmosphere. Each brewery is open fairly late depending on the night.

As the clock ticks to a later time in the evening, venture to downtown Hendersonville. You can find fine wine and craft beer at the Poe House, located below West First Pizza. The Poe House has a unique intimate setting and its décor and darkly romantic ambiance reflects its namesake, the Gothic author Edgar Allen Poe. The Poe House describes itself as “coming off somewhere between an English pub and a trendy wine bar.” It’s really a neat place to go! There is often live music or special events like Champagne Tuesdays.

For a less intimate setting, check out two local favorites – Black Rose Public House and Hannah Flanagan’s Pub and Eatery, an Irish pub. These two busy pubs located on Main Street of Hendersonville are open late with a great selection of beer, wine, and a full liquor bar. They both are full restaurants where you can order dinner or just late night appetizers. Try a burger at Black Rose Pub or wings at Hannah’s. Both places have plenty of table and bar seating with a fun atmosphere and even TVs to enjoy your favorite sports game.

If you take some of our suggestions, it should lead to a pretty fun evening out in Hendersonville, whether you’re an early bird or a night owl! Where else are you hanging out in the evenings in Hendersonville?

Dog-Friendly Hendersonville NC

Dog Friendly Hendersonville NC

You may know how pet-friendly Asheville, North Carolina is, but do you know that Hendersonville, NC is also super pet friendly? Your dog is welcome to stroll the streets of downtown Hendersonville with you and there will be a bowl of water and treats to welcome you at multiple spots along the way. Your pooch will be begging you to stop by Wag! Pet Boutique for a toy or treat! If you want to exercise your dog you can walk around downtown, go for a hike, or take your dog to a park in the area. If you’re looking to let Fido run free, there are multiple dog parks in town. You can take your doggie to the dog park section at Jackson Park not far from downtown. Another city park is Pets’ Own Place on Seventh Avenue. Unlike Jackson Park, Pets’ Own Place is a fenced park that allows for separation of small and large dogs. Both parks are located by downtown Hendersonville, NC. Outside of Hendersonville, Fletcher Community Park has another wonderful dog park. After your pup is exhausted from play and you’re ready for a cold one, you can bring him with you to Sanctuary Brewing Company or Southern Appalachian Brewing. If local beer isn’t your thing, you can bring your pet out to Bold Rock Hard Cider in nearby Mills River, NC.

If you’re hungry don’t worry, your pet can come with you too! For breakfast or lunch downtown, Mountain Deli has an outdoor pet friendly patio area and excellent sandwiches. For lunch or dinner downtown, check out Never Blue or Mezzaluna, two restaurants that have an outdoor patio that’s pet friendly. They’ll make sure that your furry friend is hydrated too. Outside of downtown in Flat Rock, there are two great restaurants to eat at – Hubba Hubba Smokehouse or Flat Rock Village Bakery. They both share a nice outdoor area that is dog friendly, as long as your dog is leashed. They have free-ranging chickens around there, so keep that in mind!

Do you have any other favorite restaurants in Hendersonville that are pet friendly? We know there are a lot more than we can’t possibly mention in one post!

First Time On Main Street, Hendersonville NC, With My Sister

Carolyn Nguyen in Hendersonville NC

The whole Ask Team has been spending  so much time in Hendersonville NC that it’s become our second home. I knew when our schedules aligned I definitely wanted to take my sister on a day trip to Hendersonville and show her what it’s all about.

Couch at Ugly Mug in Hendersonville NC Ugly Mug Hendersonville NC

Our first stop was The Ugly Mug Coffee and Tea, a gem just minutes away from Main Street Hendersonville. I actually stumbled upon this place last week and was drawn to the cozy atmosphere and the warm homemade pastries. I was really excited to show my sister this place because we love exploring coffee shops and start our day with an Americano or Latte 99% of the time.

I Love You More Than Coffee

I’ve tried a few speciality lattes from their chalkboard menu and I’ve got to say my favorite was the Zebra Latte. Let me let you in on something, I used to work at Cinnabon and I’ve never tried a cinnamon bun I’ve enjoyed more than when I gained 10 pounds working there until now.

Cinnamon Bun Ugly Mug Hendersonville NC

This is an apple strudel and it was delicious and the only thing missing was a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

Main Street Hendersonville NC

Our next stop was Church Street to visit Sweet Gypsy Coffee. We didn’t need another espresso but I did need another mug. I had bought my sister a mug from here and of course she broke it so she owed me another one. You’ll find out we do have an affinity for mugs.

Then off to Main Street we walked. If you ever get a chance to stroll down Main Street in Downtown Hendersonville you’ll find it has a southern charm that makes it unforgettable. I was describing Main Street to her as place that runs on a slower pace, everybody knows everybody, and the locals are so kind and welcoming. We were exploring in the late afternoon and several shops along Main Street do close before 4 so I would definitely keep that in mind if you want to do some serious shopping.

Four Seasons Hendersonville NC

We visited this adorable boutique store called Four Seasons, that offers decorations and ornaments year round that will stir up the  Martha Stewart inside of you.

Turtle Mirror Hendersonville NC

We ended up buying this eclectic turtle mirror that I plan to DIY and spray paint white to fit in with my room decor.

No visit to Main Street would be complete without a visit to McFarlan’s Bakery. Just the aroma of confections and frosting makes your mouth water. With rows and rows of cookies and cakes it’s hard to choose just one but we did end getting a rose cookie for our mom. Our Sweet tooth runs in the family, we have a problem we know.

Mc Farlan's Bakery Case Hendersonville NC Rose Cookie Mc Farlan's Bakery Hendersonville

Our last stop before dinner was the Mast General Store, which we found out when we walked in is actually two stories, it was like tourist gift shop heaven. It’s about to get cheesy but you must know my sister is my best friend and the most important person in my life so of course, we bought matching speckled periwinkle mugs that say “A sister is worth a thousand friends.”

Coffee Mugs at Mast General Store Hendersonville NC

For dinner we chose a colorful restaurant that would also fit in so well in downtown Asheville called Never Blue. I’ve been here for lunch before and the Fish and Chips was one of the best I’ve ever tried.

Fish N Chips Never Blue Hendersonville NC

Never Blue has a very unique and enjoyable atmosphere, along with a  great selection of American classics and fusion dishes that made it the perfect choice for dinner.

One of my favorite parts of dinner was the tablecloth made of paper and my selection of crayons to go to town with. We decided to go the tapas route so we could try different dishes.

Tablecloth at Never Blue Hendersonville NC Korean BBQ Pork Sliders at Never Blue Hendersonville NC

I decided to go with the Never Blue Banh Mi, which was a twist on a traditional Vietnamese sandwich with Korean BBQ pork sliders and a sriracha ginger cream. The pickled carrots and cucumbers added a nice bite to the savory flavors of the sliders.

Wings at Never Blue Hendersonville NC Mussels at Never Blue Hendersonville NC

Carolyn went for the wings and the mussels with a house made green curry, coconut milk, and a toasted baguette. When I think of mussels I think of them in a traditional buttery, oil and wine sauce but these were probably my favorite way they have ever been prepared. It was a very fresh mix of flavors with the cilantro and the rich curry sauce.

My sister and I always get dessert when we go out to eat because it just doesn’t feel right until we satiate our palate with something sweet. We chose the Chocolate Sin Cake, which was a flourless chocolate cake with fresh berries and a scoop of dark chocolate ice cream and a raspberry sorbet. I usually don’t like my chocolate and fruit to mix  but this turned out surprisingly well.

Chocolate Sin Cake Hendersonville NC at Never Blue AskHendo Chocolate Sin Cake

As we made our way back to the car, we were already contemplating the next places we wanted to stop by on our next visit. The more time I spend here, the more I am able to appreciate everything Hendersonville has to offer and I can’t wait for our next adventure!


Hendersonville NC Colors

Hendersonville NC Colors

Hendersonville North Carolina is colorful, and it’s not just the leaves. From walking around Downtown to visiting the many attractions all around the county, there are many styles, sounds, and colors everywhere you look. While on Main Street recently, and watching Jose Case receive his new moped; we bumped into these 3 young ladies with their colorful hair flared up and styled. I thought about all of the people in the community, whether you were raised here, visiting the area, or have moved here; and how much more of a variety we now have.

Colorful Hendersonville NC

And every single one of us contribute something. We all have a part and we all partake in this. The art, the food, the people… everything is showing more and more variety and color each year. What colors do you bring to the table? Hendersonville North Carolina is a colorful community!

Karin Visits Hendersonville NC & The Inn on Church

You know how when you go to someone’s house for the first time, the minute you open the door you know all about them by what you drink in with your senses? On recommendation from a waitress in Brevard, NC and on our way to the Biltmore, we found ourselves standing on Main St. in historic downtown Hendersonville right in front of Sherman Sports Store sizing up this little mountain town.

Honey Bear Downtown Hendersonville NC

In my usual stance, hands on hips, I survey the area. Wide sidewalks with glorious flowers everywhere. But more importantly was the vibe from the people walking on those sidewalks, it was palpable. Happy, laid back, pet lovers of all ages were browsing the numerous eclectic stores that line Main St. Their signature Bear statues greet the shoppers and hint of the goodies that are hidden in the various stores.

In Sherman’s we bought several unique Hendersonville t-shirts and the cashier was a treasure trove of information. We were in love with Hendersonville, yes that fast, and asked where would be the best place to stay the night. Without hesitation she said the Inn on Church. Just one block from the center of downtown Hendersonville sits the Inn on Church, a short walk from where we were. So, we decided to take a peak after a burger at at the Black Rose Pub. Hey, I scoped it out online before we went there and I already knew I wanted to stay there in the Christmas Room!

Christmas Room - Inn on Church Hendersonville NC


What we found was a historic Inn with themed guest rooms that was cozy, romantic….and steeped in history. The original bank safe is still in the lobby behind Joe and Stephanie Carlton, the owners, when they check you in.

Our room was on the second floor and my eyes danced on each and every Christmas decoration in our room. The bathroom had a claw foot tub that I could not wait to soak in. It was perfect. And even though the Inn was booked to capacity, you could not hear the other guests in their rooms. A huge bonus.

At cocktail time we went downstairs and sipped cocktails and shared a couple of laughs with other guests at the gleaming copper topped bar. Joe and Stephanie were making drinks and serving snacks all while assisting guests with plans and reservations. On a hunch, we asked Stephanie if the Inn was haunted…and she said YES!!! Make sure you ask her about the additional guests that sometimes pay them a surprise visit.

While we were there, guests staying at the Inn were going to the Flat Rock Playhouse, the state theatre of North Carolina. The Inn has a Flat Rock Playhouse Stay and Play package, check it out on their website. We didn’t have time to go as we were on our way to the Biltmore the next day.

In the evening, Main St. comes alive with a live band and music to stroll by. The perfect end to the perfect day.

The next morning breakfast was homemade and hearty served in a lovely room in the back of the Inn. While we were there there was a wedding party having breakfast outside. The Inn is the ideal venue for weddings and celebrations of all kinds.

Voted the most romantic spot in Downtown Hendersonville, Inn on Church provides the setting for romantic mountain getaways, exciting outdoor adventures zip lining in the cool mountain air, or a theater stay and play.

As Joe and Stephanie say on their website, “Get Innspired!”

Call now for reservations or do what we did, just walk in…and feel at home!

Tell’em Chef Knut Meg sent you!!

You can thank me later!

Muah! Till next time!

Karin – adventurer and story teller!!

Follow me on Twitter @karin13773564

Joe and Stephanie Carlton

Inn on Church