Surf & Turf in Downtown Hendersonville NC

Garlic Chili Shrimp at Never Blue in Hendersonville NC

We had such an incredible foodie experience in downtown Hendersonville North Carolina recently, that we must share it with you! Have you ever found a restaurant that had so much variety, and did all of those plates very well. Well we have, and that place is Never Blue. We were in a rush, pretty hungry, and in the middle of Apple Fest; so we sat down for a quick bite. Here is what we had:

Crab Cakes – not many crab-cakes pass my approval, but these do!

Pork – this plate was so amazingly delicious!

Chili-Garlic Shrimp – we had a shrimp-master with us, and they put their stamp of approval on these!

*food photography by G Social Media

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We Went Wow at this Hendersonville NC Pizzeria!

Pi Squared Sicilian in Hendersonville NC

I have to say, I have eaten pizza all around the world. Some of them are good, some are not so good, and some simply have a different style than what we are used to. But, one of my favorite pizzas is the Sicilian Pizza from New York City, and when we visited Pi-Squared in Hendersonville NC today, this was the closest we have ever came to it since.

So delicious, a must stop if you are in the mood for pizza in Western North Carolina. That’s right, I would even recommend some of my Asheville friends drive out here, this far, just to try some! Lots of craft beer too, and even some hard cider from Bold Rock.

PWA! Pizza With An Attitude. And a great attitude to say the least. When we approached the counter, a guy asked us if we had ever been here before….

Go Riverboarding with the Travel Channel near Hendersonville NC on Monday!

Go Riverboarding With The Travel Channel Near Hendersonville NC

Come join us as we take Xtreme Waterparks soaring to new heights to experience the exciting sport of Riverboarding! Riverboarding or hydrospeeding is a relatively new sport where the participant lies on their stomach on their board. It’s an extreme adrenaline rush- like boogie boarding but with whitewater rapids! Unlike kayaking where you’re sitting up, able to look out at the rapids in front of you, riverboarding takes you diving headfirst into whatever the river throws your way.

High Noon Entertainment and Xtreme Waterparks will be coming to Gorilla Falls at Green River Narrow, outside of Hendersonville & Asheviille, this Monday 8/22. We’re looking for fun groups of four to spend the day with us as we film you riverboarding!

Don’t worry if you have never gone Riverboarding before. We’ll have an expert there to teach and guide you. THIS WILL BE A ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME EXPERIENCE.

Please email Tina at Read More