Karin Visits Hendersonville NC & The Inn on Church

Honey Bear Downtown Hendersonville NC

You know how when you go to someone’s house for the first time, the minute you open the door you know all about them by what you drink in with your senses? On recommendation from a waitress in Brevard, NC and on our way to the Biltmore, we found ourselves standing on Main St. in historic downtown Hendersonville right in front of Sherman Sports Store sizing up this little mountain town.

In my usual stance, hands on hips, I survey the area. Wide sidewalks with glorious flowers everywhere. But more importantly was the vibe from the people walking on those sidewalks, it was palpable. Happy, laid back, pet lovers of all ages were browsing the numerous eclectic stores that line Main St. Their signature Bear statues greet the shoppers and hint of the goodies that are hidden in the various stores.

In Sherman’s we bought several unique Hendersonville t-shirts and the cashier was a treasure trove of information. We…

Elijah Mountain Gem Mining

Elijah Mountain Gem Mine Hendersonville NC

I have a secret. It’s kind of embarrassing for me to admit this but It’s time I finally come clean. Every time we travel in North Carolina, I just have to stop and do it. Just anticipating the weight of the bucket excites me. What treasures are lurking inside I wonder. The ice cold water flowing in the flume and rushing over my manicured fingers panders to the little girl in me. I plop a handful of soil from my bucket onto the screen and lower I it into the water, ahhhh, a huge sigh of relief…I’m gem mining AGAIN!

There it is, I love gem mining. I found a gem of a mine at Elijah Mountain Gem Mine in Hendersonville. You are transported back in time and for a brief moment you feel like you’re are a real prospector mining for real gem stones. You might find Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Quartz crystals, Citrine, Amethyst, Garnets, Aventurine, Sodalite,…

Hendersonville North Carolina Hashtags For Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Hendersonville NC Hashtag Instagram

Hashtags are codes used as a social media tool to categorize conversations online. We have come up with a few for Hendersonville North Carolina, but first let us explain how they work.

Making a hashtag is simple. Simply add the number or pound sign (#) before any word. Try it with anything you are posting. Like… “I went out to eat #Lasagna last night!” Or make up your own such as… #KellyIsTheQueen and use it, and click on it. You will have made your own feed out of that hashtag. The moment you add the # sign before any word, it turns that work into a link, and turns that link into a feed page of its own. Then you can click on it, and see everyone else’s posts who turned that same word or phrase into a hashtag.

Lets say that you are on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and…

Hendersonville NC Shopping & Furniture at The Marketplace on Locust

Marketplace on Locust Hendersonville NC Shopping

Hendersonville North Carolina has plenty of places to spend the day or weekend shopping around town. The Marketplace on Locust is a premier shop that features several designers as well as dozens of other artists & makers that feature their work here. With four beautiful rooms to see, plan on spending at least an hour or two while you are here.

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Tang Soo!

Ho Sin Sool Dojang in Etowah NC

You could have a sneezing fit of thirty seconds and be completely unaware that you passed Etowah, NC. Since DuPont and Pisgah Forests are right down the road, Etowah gets lost in the shuffle. Honestly, there isn’t much in Etowah; no fancy over the top restaurants or hotels, but there is a sense of community. I hate that some of the businesses get overlooked by locals and tourists because Etowah is small. However, one business in particular, Ho Sin Sool Dojang, has my attention and should have yours, too!

The Martial Arts Dojang offers Tang So Doo, Tai Chi, a Women’s Self Defense Class, Summer Camps and an After School Program. I may be a little biased because I am a “Hendo” inhabitant and my 5 year old attends the Little Ninjas class but, there is something special about Travis Ginn’s Dojang. One word to describe Ho Sin Sool is “heart”. When you speak to the 6 th Degree…

A Wonderful Weekend in Hendersonville NC – 11 Stops & 39 Photos

Live Happy in Hendersonville NC

We wanted to take a weekend all to ourselves and enjoy lots of what Hendersonville North Carolina has to offer.

So we booked a room at the Inn on Church Street in Downtown Hendersonville NC. I promise you that we did not plan it this way, but we ended up walking in on their “Social Hour” which led to several tasty libations. Then we headed up to the room to get cleaned up and to rest for a few.

Then we headed right up the street to Basic Brewery, the first stop on our trip. They opened recently and they are not brewing their own beer yet, but the place is filled with so many great craft beer taps from all across Western North Carolina. We walked in on an Art + Beer event and got to see so many folks having a wonderful time painting.

Next we headed to…

Hendersonville North Carolina Celebrity TMZ

Jennifer Lopez J.Lo at Kilwin's Hendersonville NC

Hendersonville North Carolina has been seeing a lot of celebrities around town these past few months, due mostly to the Dirty Dancing Movie Remake happening in the community. And the great thing about it is that the celebs are not hiding. They are out and about eating, shopping, and meeting folks in our little ole hometown of Hendersonville NC.

We caught J.Lo (Jennifer Lopez) at Renzo’s, eating some of that delicious Shrimp Scampi!

Then some of the Dirty Dancing crew and cast stopped by Mountain Deli for their craft made sandwiches!

Then J.Lo had to get her sweetness on, and ended up at Kilwin’s in Downtown Hendersonville!

Do you have a celebrity sighting and/or photo taken in the Hendersonville NC area? Send it over to us and we will write about it, giving credit…

12 Delicious Places to Eat in Hendersonville North Carolina

Hendersonville North Carolina has some great restaurants and eateries. Some you may know about and others may be new to you. We eat out a lot and have some amazing meals around town.

  1. UMI – looking for Japanese food? UMI is the place to be. Not only is this a favorite among the locals and tourists, but folks from Asheville and other neighboring cities drive to Hendersonville to eat here.
  2. Mountain Deli – ever dreamed about the perfect sandwich? Dream no more and stop by here for a large selection of deli fresh sandwiches and salads. Watch the Mountain Deli video! Read about the Dirty Dancing cast and crew eating here too!
  3. Never Blue – so much variety and deliciousness on the menu here at this staple in Downtown Hendersonville.
  4. Mezzaluna – wood fired pizza and Italian…