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Ask Hendersonville North Carolina is excited to announce that you can now submit your Hendersonville and Henderson County NC news & events to us on our website. We have two forms where you can easily add your information to, send to us, and we will then review and most likely post it on our website. Then we will send you the link to the post. Here are the two forms:

  1. Post Your Blog (This is where you can write an article to submit to Ask Hendersonville NC. This can be also used by photographers to send us a featured photo each month of their work)
  2. Post Your Event (This is where you can post your upcoming event if it is in Hendersonville or Henderson County NC)

This feature is available on the Ask Hendersonville NC website because sometimes you have some great info, or news; or maybe you just want to tell a story about a fantastic experience, but nobody wants to hear it. That is where we come in. Some online and offline publications will only write about your business if you are their paying clients, and others will only feature you if they think you will become their clients. Not here. We want to get the word out about you, your company, and what you do!

Now we do not want your bad or controversial news. You will need to call either one of the local newspapers or the Police Department if it is that serious. We are about the good news, in your business and in the community; so please send us that.

Here are some of the benefits of posting on our blog:

  1. We have a huge reach – with all of our followers on social media between both Facebook and Twitter, and also our network in other neighboring cities, we can get the word out locally to Hendersonville, Asheville, and Western North Carolina; and also regionally to Charlotte NC, Greenville SC, Atlanta GA etc. And with the proper applicable hashtag use, we have a national and worldwide reach.
  2. You establish a landmark online – this story is not only read now, but it becomes a permanent part of Ask Hendersonville and history. What you write counts and makes a difference.
  3. You get a link back to your website – when we do a post about you, we try not to leave any “dead ends” in the article. We provide a link to you, so if someone reading the post wants to learn more, they can easily click on this link and go to that information.
  4. Your news may not be big news to some – but it is to you, and us! Maybe you have a new employee, new menu, new company vehicle, new piece of art that you created, new line of clothing, new beer you are making, or anything decent that you want to share with the community. Maybe you are a writer and want to send in a guide of what you did in Hendersonville NC. Send it in and let us post about it.

We look forward to hearing from you!