We Went Wow at this Hendersonville NC Pizzeria!

Pi Squared Pizza Hendersonville NC

I have to say, I have eaten pizza all around the world. Some of them are good, some are not so good, and some simply have a different style than what we are used to. But, one of my favorite pizzas is the Sicilian Pizza from New York City, and when we visited Pi-Squared in Hendersonville NC today, this was the closest we have ever came to it since.

Pi Squared Sicilian in Hendersonville NC

So delicious, a must stop if you are in the mood for pizza in Western North Carolina. That’s right, I would even recommend some of my Asheville friends drive out here, this far, just to try some! Lots of craft beer too, and even some hard cider from Bold Rock.

Pizza With An Attitude

PWA! Pizza With An Attitude. And a great attitude to say the least. When we approached the counter, a guy asked us if we had ever been here before. I guess we had that look on our face like “we’re here, what now?” We told him that this was our first time, and he pulled out several pizza trays to explain how it was made. Whew! I was preparing for a pretentious attitude like that chef at another pizza place gave me. But not here. Thank you Pi-Squared Pizza!